About Us

The Ten & Up Story

Ten and Up is a small company dedicated to fashionable, stylish and comfortable ladies shoes in sizes 10-14. One day, one of the owners was tired of finding cute shoes that were not made in her size. Fed up, she consulted with her sister and Ten & Up was born.

Why Our Brand Is Important
There is a huge demand for larger size shoes in today’s market that offer comfort and style. Ten & Up shoes have found a way to offer both. Our shoes offer amazing style to today’s trendsetter.
Our shoes are specially designed and many offer hand crafted designs. Comfort and style are always at the forefront and are a priority for our customer. We take pride to make a product we are proud to stand behind and the fashion world admires.

Ten & Up Shoes have been featured on several websites and are a growing popularity among celebrities. They are the best kept secret in the shoe industry!